Body and Interior


1. General Description

1.1 Instrument Panel and Instrument Cluster

1.2 Seats, Seat Belts, and Interior

1.3 Ventilation, Heating, and Air Conditioning

1.4 Body

2. Maintenance

3. Troubleshooting

4. Interior

4.1 Instrument Cluster and Instrument Panel

Removing and Installing Speedometer Cable and Drive Gear

4.2 Radio and Antenna

4.3 Interior Lights

Replacing Interior Light Bulbs

4.4 Heater and Controls (without air conditioning)

Heater Core

Replacing and Adjusting Heater Control Cables

Fresh Air Blower

4.5 Heater and Controls (with air conditioning)

Heater Core

Checking Vacuum System

Replacing Control Head

Fresh Air Blower

4.6 Seat Belts

Inspecting Seat Belts

Installing or Replacing Seat Belts

Front Seat Belt Height Adjustment

Child Restraint Tethering

4.7 Front Seats

Heated Seats

4.8 Rear Seats

4.9 Headliner

5. Doors

5.1 Door Assembly

Interior Trim

Window Regulator

Power Window Regulator

Handles and Locks

5.2 Central Locking System

Bi-Pressure System Troubleshooting

Removing and Installing Door Activators

Bi-pressure Pump

Rear Lid Activator

Gas Tank Flap Activator

5.3 Side Mirrors

6. Exterior

6.1 Headlights

Aiming Headlights

6.2 Tailight Assembly

6.3 Side Marker and Front Turn Signal Lights

6.4 Trim, Bumpers, and Body

Removing Front Body Parts and Grille

Removing and Installing Body Trim

Removing and Installing Bumpers

Removing Plastic Bumper Cover

Hood Lock Cable

Rear Lid and Hatchback


7. Sunroof

7.1 Removing and Installing Sunroof

7.2 Adjusting Sunroof fit

Removing and Installing Rear Guides with Cables

8. Body Assembly Materials

9. Air Conditioning

9.1 System Description

Safety Features

9.2 Inspections and Tests

Checking Refrigerant Charge

A/C Performance Test

9.3 Air Conditioning Specifications

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