1. General Description

1.1 Engine Components

Crankshaft and Bearings

Connecting Rods and Pistons

Cylinder Head

Valve Train

Intermediate Shaft

Lubrication System

1.2 16-valve Engines

Cylinder Block


Cylinder Head

Valve Train

Intermediate Shaft

1.3 Diesel and Turbo Diesel Engines

Cylinder Head and Valve Train

Connecting Rods and Pistons

Valve Train

1.4 Engine Identification Codes and Specifications

Finding Engine Letter Codes

2. Maintenance

3. Troubleshooting

3.1 Basic Troubleshooting Principles


Fluid Leaks


Excessive Oil Consumption

Poor Fuel Consumption and Low Power

Engine Not Running

3.2 Diagnostic Testing

Compression Test

Wet Compression Test (gasoline engines only)

Leak-down Test

4. Cylinder Head

4.1 Cylinder Head Cover and Gasket

4.2 Camshaft Drive Belt (except diesel engines)

4.3 Camshaft Oil Seal

4.4 Valve Adjustment(1985 and early 1986 diesel and turbo diesel only)

4.5 Removing and Installing Camshaft

4.6 Hydraulic Cam Followers

Checking Hydraulic Cam Followers

4.7 Valve Stem Oil Seals

4.8 Removing and Installing Cylinder Head

4.9 Disassembly, Assembly, and Reconditioning

Cylinder Head Assembly (16-valve engines)

Cylinder Head Assembly (gasoline engines except 16-valve)

Cylinder Head Assembly (diesel and turbo diesel engines)

Camshaft and Cam Followers

Valves and Valve Springs

Valve Guides

Valve Seats

5. Removing and Installing Engine and Transaxle


Separating Engine and Transaxle


Aligning Engine and Transaxle Assembly

6. Cylinder Block and Pistons

6.1 Cylinder Block Oil Seals

Replacing Front Crankshaft Oil Seal

Replacing Intermediate Shaft Oil Seal

6.2 Disassembly, Assembly, and Reconditioning

Pistons and Connecting Rods

Piston Rings

Diesel and Turbo Diesel Piston Height

Crankshaft and Intermediate Shaft

Flywheel or Drive Plate

7. Lubrication System

7.1 Dynamic Oil Pressure Warning System

Checking Low Oil Pressure Warning System

Checking Dynamic Oil Pressure Warning System (high rpm)

Testing Oil Pressure Switches

7.2 Oil Pump

Oil Spray Nozzles

7.3 Oil Cooler

8. Engine Technical Data

I. Tightening Torques

II. Crankshaft, Intermediate Shaft, and Bearing Specifications

III. Piston, Piston Ring, and Cylinder Specifications

IV. Camshaft, Valve, and Cylinder Head Specifications

V. Lubrication System Specifications