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Cylinder Head Assembly (diesel and turbo diesel engines)

Fig. 4-22 shows the cylinder head and valve train assembly found on the 1.6 L diesel and turbo diesel engines.


Three different cylinder head gaskets are available for use on diesel engines, identified by a number of notches or holes in the gasket near the part number. When reassembling the same cylinder head and cylinder block, make sure that the new gasket matches the one it relaces. When assembling a new cylinder head, a new cylinder block, or an overhauled cylinder block, the correct gasket must be selected by measuring piston protrusion. See 6. Cylinder Block and Pistons.

Fig. 4-22. Exploded view of cylinder head used on diesel and turbo diesel engines. Cylinder heads with small, fine cracks between valve seats are usable provided the cracks are not more than 0.5 mm (.02 in.) wide.

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