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Camshaft and Cam Followers

To measure camshaft axial play, relieve the tension on the cam lobes by first removing the cam followers. Store hydraulic cam followers with the camshaft contact surface face down. Lubricate the cam follower's contact surfaces before installing.

Do not interchange camshaft bearing caps or cam followers. Note the bearing cap offset when installing. On 16-valve engines, the beveled corners on the bearing caps face the intake side of the cylinder head. On 16-valve engines, align the camshaft chain sprockets as shown in Fig. 4-23. Camshaft identifying marks for gasoline engines, except 16-valve, are shown in Fig. 4-24.

Fig. 4-23. Camshaft chain sprocket timing marks on 16-valve engines. Marks should align with each other and cylinder head top surface.

Fig. 4-24. Camshaft identifying marks used on gasoline engines, except 16-valve.


After installing new cam followers, the engine should not be started for at least 30 minutes. New cam followers are at full height and must be allowed to bleed down to their proper height. Failure to do this may cause valve or piston damage.

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