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Valves and Valve Springs

Only intake valves in diesel engines may be refaced by machine. Diesel exhaust valves, and all gasoline engine valves, should be hand-lapped only. Valve and valve spring specifications are given in Table f.

Exhaust valves used in 16-valve engines are sodium-filled. Disposal of used valves is dangerous and requires special care to avoid personal injury.


Sodium filled valves, when discarded, must be disposed of properly to avoid personal injury. Always wear protective goggles or glasses. By hand, cut off the valve stem near the head of each valve. Use only a hack saw. Do not use a power saw. Sodium reacts violently with water. Do not let water contact the valve while cutting. Throw the valve parts (no more than 10 valves at a time) into a bucket of water and stand clear. Discard the valves when the reaction has ceased.

Table f. Valve and Valve Spring Specifications

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