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7.1 Dynamic Oil Pressure Warning System

The components of the dynamic oil pressure warning system are the pressure switches, the electronic control unit, the low oil pressure indicator, and the warning buzzer. A 0.3 bar pressure switch provides warning when the oil pressure falls to near zero at any time, including at idle. A 1.8 bar pressure switch (1.4 bar on diesels) provides earlier warning, at elevated rpm, whenever oil pressure falls below a minimum safe level.

On 8-valve engines the oil pressure switches are located on the oil filter flange and on the end of the cylinder head. (Fig. 7-1.) On 16-valve engines, both switches are located on the filter flange. On all models, the electronic control unit is behind the instrument cluster.


If the warning indicator stays on after the engine is started, or flashes on while driving, always assume that there is insufficient oil pressure. Check oil level and test oil pressure before proceeding with tests of the warning system. See 8. Engine Technical Data.

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