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Fluid Leaks

Fluid leaking from and around the engine is most likely either oil, coolant, or brake fluid. Look for wet spots on the engine to help pinpoint the source. It may be helpful to start by cleaning the suspected area.

The most likely sources of engine oil leaks are the oil filter gasket, the crankcase oil seals, the cylinder head cover gaskets, or the oil pan gaskets. See 6. Cylinder Block and Pistons for more information on the gaskets and seals.

The power steering system is another possible source of oil leaks near the engine. For repairs to the power steering system, see SUSPENSION AND STEERING.

Coolant is a mixture of water and anti-freeze, yellow-green in color or perhaps brown if the cooling system is corroded. A pressure test of the cooling system is the best way to discover and pinpoint leaks. See COOLING SYSTEM.

Brake fluid is clear, perhaps slightly purple, and a little slippery. Look for wet spots around the master cylinder or brake lines. Especially check the flexible hoses near the wheels. See BRAKES for repair information.

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