Cooling System


1. General Description

Coolant Pump and Thermostat


Radiator Cooling Fan

2. Maintenance

3. Troubleshooting

3.1 Basic Troubleshooting Principles

3.2 Diagnostic Tests

Pressure Testing Cooling System and Expansion Tank Cap

Temperature Gauge and Sending Unit Quick-Check

4. Cooling System Service

4.1 Coolant and Cooling System Hoses

Draining and Filling Coolant

4.2 Thermostat

Removing and Installing Thermostat

Testing Thermostat

4.3 Coolant Pump

Inspecting and Replacing Coolant Pump

4.4 Radiator Cooling Fan

Testing Cooling Fan and Radiator Thermoswitch

Radiator Cooling Fan After-Run System

Removing and Installing Radiator Cooling Fan

4.5 Radiator

Removing and Installing Radiator

5. Cooling System Technical Data

I. Tightening Torques

II. Cooling System Specifications