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4.3 Coolant Pump

Fig. 4-8 is an exploded view of the coolant pump and its related parts. The pump can be removed from the housing and replaced separately, however, it is easier to remove the pump and housing from the engine as a unit and separate them later.

Fig. 4-8. Exploded view of coolant pump and related parts.

Only basic hand tools are required to replace the coolant pump. It is replaced as a unit, as parts for rebuilding are not generally available. A Volkswagen remanufactured pump is available. Always use a new gasket between the pump and housing, and a new O-ring between the housing and engine.

When replacing the coolant pump on cars with power steering, the power steering pump and mounting brackets must be removed first. For more information, see SUSPENSION AND STEERING. On cars with air conditioning, replacement of the coolant pump will be considerably easier if the alternator and air conditioning compressor are removed. Remove the alternator as described in ELECTRICAL SYSTEM. The air conditioning compressor should be removed from its mountings and set out of the way without loosening or removing the compressor hoses. This procedure is described as part of the engine removal procedure in ENGINE.

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