Electrical System


1. General Description

Voltage and Polarity



Charging System

Ignition System

Wiring, Fuses, and Relays


Heating and Ventilation

Windshield Wipers and Washers


2. Maintenance

3. Troubleshooting

3.1 How To Read Volkswagen Current Flow Diagrams

Terminal and Circuit Identification

3.2 Battery, Starter and Charging System Troubleshooting

3.3 Basic Electrical Troubleshooting Principles

4. Battery

4.1 Testing Battery

Hydrometer Testing

Open-circuit Voltage Test

Load Voltage Testing

4.2 Battery Charging

5. Charging system

5.1 Charging System Troubleshooting

5.2 In-Vehicle Testing of Charging System

Testing Alternator and Regulator

Testing Current Drain

Noisy Alternator

5.3 Removing and Installing Alternator and Voltage Regulator

Brushes and Voltage Regulator

6. Starting System

6.1 Starting System Troubleshooting

6.2 Removing and Installing Starter

Removing and Installing Solenoid Switch

Replacing Starter Bushing (manual transmission only)

7. Instruments

7.1 Troubleshooting Instrument Cluster and Gauges

Testing Instrument Cluster Voltage and Ground

Testing and Replacing Voltage Stabilizer

Testing and Replacing Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and Indicator Bulbs

Testing Upshift Indicator

Replacing Dynamic Oil Pressure Warning System Control Unit (1985 through 1989 models)

Testing Multifunction Indicator

8. Windshield Wipers and Washers

8.1 Windshield Wiper and Washer System Troubleshooting

Testing Windshield Wiper Motor

Testing Rear Wiper Motor

Testing Wiper/Washer Switch

Testing Windshield Wiper Intermittent Relay

8.2 Windshield Wiper Motor and Linkage

Removing and Installing Windshield Wiper Motor

Removing and Installing Rear Wiper Motor

9. Horns

9.1 Horn Troubleshooting

10. Exterior Lights

10.1 Troubleshooting Exterior Lights


Turn Signals and Emergency Flashers

Parking Lights, Taillights, Side Marker Lights, and License Plate Lights

Brake Lights

Back-up Lights

10.2 Steering Column Switches

Ignition Switch

11. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Fresh Air Blower

Air Conditioning

Rear Window Defogger

12. Power Options and Accessories

12.1 Heated Seats

12.2 Electric/Heated Outside Mirrors

12.3 Central Locking System

12.4 Power Windows

12.5 Cruise Control

13. Fuse/Relay Panel

1985 through 1989 (up to VIN 1G-KW400 000) Jetta fuse/relay panel

1989 through 1992 (from VIN 1G-KW400 001) Jetta fuse/relay panel

1985 Golf and GTI relay panel

1985 Golf and GTI fuse panel

1986 through 1989 Golf and GTI (US production) relay panel

1986 through 1989 Golf and GTI (US production) fuse panel

1989 Golf and GTI (Mexican production) fuse/relay panel

1990 through 1992 Golf and GTI fuse/relay panel