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Checking Hydraulic Cam Followers

Cam followers should only be checked when the engine is fully warm. Run the engine, preferably drive the car, for 20 to 30 minutes. Shut the engine off and proceed immediately while the engine is still warm.

To check the hydraulic cam followers, remove the cylinder head cover as described in 4.1 Cylinder Head Cover and Gasket. Turn the engine by hand until both the camshaft lobes of one cylinder are pointing approximately up. Using a non-metal object such as wood or plastic, lightly apply pressure to the top of the cam follower, as shown in Fig. 4-16.

If the follower can be pushed down more than 0.1 mm (.004 in.) with hand pressure, it is faulty and should be replaced. Repeat the test for the other cylinders. Replace a faulty cam follower by removing the camshaft, as described in 4.5 Removing and Installing Camshaft and pulling the follower from the cylinder head. Hydraulic cam followers are non-adjustable and non-repairable, and are replaced only as complete assemblies.

Fig. 4-16. Hydraulic cam follower being checked with a non-metal object.


When hydraulic cam followers are removed, place them on a clean surface with the camshaft contact surface facing down, to prevent bleed down, and cover them.

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