Volkswagen Caddy 5 (SB) - Repair Manuals

VW Caddy 5 (SB) 2021 -

Cooling, Heating, Air Conditioning and Climate Control Systems
Fuel System
Front and rear suspension, Steering
Brake system
Transmission, clutch
Electrical equipment

VW Caddy 5: Maintenance (eng.) Repair Manual
VW Caddy 2021 ➤
Heading: Engine list, Service work, General information, Descriptions of work, Natural gas system, Exhaust emissions test, Periodic Technical Inspection (PTI). Edition 06.2021
Descriptions of work
Reading ash mass (saturation level) of diesel particulate filter
Brake and clutch system: change brake fluid
Dual clutch gearbox 0GC: changing gear oil
Dust and pollen filter (interior filter): cleaning housing and renewing filter element
Poly V-belt: renewing
Diesel fuel filter: Renew
Diesel particulate filter: Check
Air filter: cleaning housing and renewing filter element
Engine oil: draining, renewing oil filter and filling engine oil
Wiper blades: checking park position
Headlight setting: checking and adjusting
Service interval display: resetting
Service interval display: Adapting
Clock and date: setting
Toothed belt (petrol engines): renewing
Camshaft drive toothed belt (diesel engines): renewing
Spark plugs: renewing
Reducing agent (AdBlue®/DEF): changing
Natural gas system
Описание сервисных работ Фольксваген Кадди 5-го поколения (код модели: SB) с бензиновыми двигателями: DWYB, DWYA, DPBC и дизельными двигателями: CRVD, DTRF, DTRE, DTRC.
139 pages.


1.6 l engine, 4V, EA 211 (eng.) Repair Manual.
Engine code: DWYA
VW Caddy Mk 5 2021 ➤
Repair Group: 00 - Technical data, 10 - Removing and installing engine, 13 - Crankshaft group, 15 - Cylinder head, valve gear, 17 - Lubrication, 19 - Cooling, 24 - Mixture preparation - injection, 26 - Exhaust system, 28 - Ignition system. Edition 11.2021
Руководство по ремонту бензиновых двигателей серии EA211 объемом 1.6 литра с буквенными обозначением: DWYA.
243 pages.

Информация по ремонту двигателей VAG / Engines repair

Cooling, Heating, Air Conditioning and Climate Control Systems

Heating, air conditioner (eng.) Repair Manual
VW Caddy 2021 ➤
Repair Group: 00 - Technical data, 80 - Heating, 85 - Ventilation, 87 - Air conditioning system. Edition 01.2021
Roof blower
Roof blower air duct
Overview of fitting locations - air conditioning system
Refrigerant circuit
Air conditioner compressor
Control motors
Front heater and air conditioning unit
Air duct
Operating and display unit
Other controlling and regulating components: sunlight penetration photosensor G107, ambient temperature sensor G17, humidity sender for air conditioning system G260, left vent temperature sender G150, right vent temperature sender G151, footwell vent temperature sender G192, vehicle interior temperature sensor G1090, heater and air conditioning system control unit J979
177 pages.

Много информации по системе охлаждения, относящаяся к конкретным типам двигателей, находится в разделе "Двигатели"

Fuel System

Fuel supply system, petrol engines (eng.) Repair Manual
VW Caddy 2021 ➤
Engine: DPBC, DWYA
Repair Group: 00 - Technical data, 20 - Fuel supply system. Edition 06.2021
Fuel, Fuel tank
Fuel delivery unit, fuel gauge sender
Plug-in connectors
Activated charcoal filter system
Accelerator pedal
Removing and installing accelerator pedal module GX2
Fuel supply
Checking fuel system pressurisation pump G6
Removing and installing fuel pump control unit J538
44 pages.

Front and rear suspension, Steering

Running gear, axles, steering (eng.) Repair Manual
VW Caddy 2021 ➤
Repair Group: 00 - Technical data, 40 - Front suspension, 42 - Rear suspension, 43 - Self-levelling suspension, 44 - Wheels, tyres, vehicle geometry, 48 - Steering. Edition 07.2021
Front axle, Subframe
Suspension strut, upper suspension link
Lower suspension link, swivel joint
Wheel bearing, Drive shaft
Rear axle, Axle beam , Anti-roll bar
Suspension link, track rod
Suspension strut, shock absorber, spring
Wheel bearing assembly, trailing arm
Drive shaft, Vehicle level sender
Wheels, tyres, Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
Wheel alignment
Vibration due to wheels/tyres - causes and rectification
Steering wheel, Steering column, Steering rack
Sensors, Steering angle sender G85
232 pages.

Brake system (ABS, EDS, ESP)

Brake system (eng.) Repair Manual
VW Caddy 2021 ➤
Repair Group: 00 - Technical data, 45 - Anti-lock brake system, 46 - Brakes - mechanism, 47 - Brakes - hydraulics. Edition 11.2021
Overview of fitting locations – ABS/ESP
Control unit and hydraulic unit
ABS control unit J104 and ABS hydraulic unit N55
Sensors, ESP sensor unit G419
Speed sensors on front axle G45/G47
Speed sensors on rear axle G44/G46
Front brake: PC 57 (15 inch), PC 57 (16 inch)
Rear brake: FN c - M38 (15 inch), FN c - M42 (16 inch)
Parking brake, Brake pedal
Front brake caliper, Rear brake caliper
Brake servo and brake master cylinder
Brake lines, Hydraulic system
116 pages.

Transmission, clutch

6-speed manual gearbox 0C9 (eng.) Repair Manual
VW Caddy 2021 ➤
Repair Group: 00 - Technical data, 30 - Clutch, 34 - Controls, housing, 35 - Gears, shafts, 39 - Final drive - differential. Edition 04.2021
6-speed 0C9 codes UFW, UFX, UVQ - Engine allocation 2.0 l - 55/75/90 kW diesel engine
6-speed 0C9 codes UHP, UHQ - Engine allocation 2.0 l - 81 kW diesel engine
6-speed 0C9 codes TZN, UFP, UPK - Engine allocation 1.5 l - 84, 96 kW petrol engine
6-speed 0C9 codes UHM, UHN - Engine allocation 1.6 l - 81 kW petrol engine
Gearbox identification
Overview - power transmission
Electrical components
Clutch mechanism
Selector mechanism
Removing and installing gearbox
Assembly overview – assembly mountings
Transporting gearbox
Gear oil
Input shaft
Output shaft
Oil seals
71 pages.

Transmission repair


General body repairs, interior (eng.) Repair Manual
VW Caddy 2021 ➤
Repair Group: 00 - Technical data, 68 - Interior equipment, 69 - Passenger protection, 70 - Trim, insulation, 72 - Seat frames, 74 - Seat - padding, covers. Edition 11.2021
Compartments/covers, Equipment, Centre console
Front centre armrest, Interior mirror, Seat belts
Airbag system, Airbag control unit
Front airbag, Front passenger airbag
Side airbags, Curtain airbags
Airbag crash sensors
Seat occupied recognition
Front door trims, Rear door trims
Dash panel, Central tube for dash panel
Interior trims, Luggage compartment trims
Roof trims
Overview of seat variants
Front seats, Rear seats
Front seat covers and padding, Rear seat covers and padding
360 pages.

General body repairs, exterior (eng.) Repair Manual
VW Caddy 2021 ➤
Repair Group: 00 - Technical data, 50 - Body - front, 55 - Bonnet, rear lid, 57 - Front doors, door components, central locking, 58 - Rear doors, door components, 63 - Bumpers, 64 - Glazing, 66 - Exterior equipment. Edition 07.2021
Lock carrier
Wings, Bulkhead
Bonnet, Rear lid
Tank flap unit
Door, Door components
Central locking
Sliding door, Wing door
Bumper, front / Bumper, rear
Windscreen, Rear windscreen
Side windows, Door windows
Glass panel
Radiator grille and front trim
Mouldings, trims, extensions
Noise insulation
Underbody cladding
Trim film and protective film
Roof moulding and roof railing
Exterior mirror
Wheel housing liner
Lettering and badges
Towing bracket
Spare wheel bracket
Heat shields
388 pages.

Electrical equipment

Fuses and relay VW Caddy 5 (SB) 2021 - (eng.) Repair Manual
VW Caddy Mk5 - 2021

Communication (eng.) Repair Manual
VW Caddy 2021 ➤
Repair Group: 00 - Technical data, 91 - Radio, telephone, navigation. Edition 05.2021
Infotainment system
Sound system
Front treble loudspeakers R20/R22
Rear broadband loudspeaker R385/R386
Front bass loudspeakers R21/R23
Aerial systems
Telephone system
Multifunction steering wheel
Connection for external multimedia devices
Online services
Components/control units
37 pages.

Electrical system (eng.) Repair Manual
VW Caddy 2021 ➤
Repair Group: 00 - Technical data, 27 - Starter, current supply, CCS, 90 - Gauges, instruments, 92 - Windscreen wash/wipe system, 94 - Lights, bulbs, switches - exterior, 96 - Lights, bulbs, switches - interior, 97 - Wiring. Edition 10.2021
Battery, Alternator, Starter
Cruise control system (CCS)
Start/stop system
Dash panel insert, Horn
Windscreen wiper system
Windscreen washer system
Rear window wiper system / washer system
Washer fluid lines
Headlights, Fog lights
Turn signal repeater
Tail lights
High-level brake light
Number plate light
Entry and start authorisation system
Steering column switch module
Towing bracket
Lights, Controls
Anti-theft alarm, Immobiliser
Cigarette lighter, socket
Relay carriers, fuse holders, electronics boxes
Select Control units

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