Lubrication and Maintenance


1. General Description

1.1 Scheduled Maintenance

1.2 Fluid and Lubricant Specifications

1.3 Engine Oil Change

1.4 Tune-up

1.5 Engine Compartment Maintenance

1.6 Under-car Maintenance

1.7 Body and Interior Maintenance

1.8 Cleaning and Preserving

2. Scheduled Maintenance

3. Fluid and Lubricant Specifications

Engine Oil

Gear Oil - Manual Transmission and Final Drive

Brake Fluid

Engine Coolant (Anti-freeze)

Power Steering Fluid

Gasoline Additive


4. Engine Oil Change

4.1 Changing Engine Oil and Filter

5. Tune-up

5.1 Air Filter

5.2 Spark Plugs

5.3 Distributor Cap, Rotor, and Spark Plug Wires

5.4 Fuel Filters

Main Fuel Filter (gasoline)

Mini Fuel Filter

Diesel Fuel Filter

5.5 EGR System

5.6 Idle Speed

5.7 Compression Test

5.8 Diesel Fuel Water Separator

Draining Water From Diesel Fuel Filter

5.9 Valve Adjustment (diesel and turbo diesel only)

6. Engine Compartment Maintenance

6.1 Battery

Checking and Cleaning Battery

Replacing Battery

Charging Battery

6.2 V-Belts

Inspecting and Adjusting

Replacing V-Belts

6.3 Cooling System

Checking Coolant Level

Inspecting Hoses

6.4 Power Steering

6.5 Oxygen Sensor (gasoline engines only)

Replacing Oxygen Sensor

Resetting OXS Warning Light Counter

6.6 Clutch Adjustment

7. Under-Car Maintenance

7.1 Tires and Wheels

Tire Inflation Pressure

Tire Rotation

Wheel Alignment

7.2 Brakes

Checking Brake Fluid Level

Inspecting Brake Hoses and Lines

Checking Disc Brake Pad Wear

Checking Rear Drum Brake Lining Wear

Replacing Brake Fluid

7.3 Exhaust System

7.4 Constant Velocity Joints

7.5 Manual Transaxle Service

Checking and Filling Transaxle Lubricant

7.6 Automatic Transaxle Service

Checking and Filling ATF

Draining and Replacing ATF, and Cleaning ATF Strainer

Checking and Filling Final Drive Lubricant

Checking Kickdown Operation

7.7 Front Suspension and Steering

8. Body and Interior Maintenance

8.1 Windshield Wiper Blades

8.2 Body Lubrication

8.3 Seat Belts

9. Cleaning and Preserving

9.1 Care of Exterior Finish




Washing Chassis

Special Cleaning

9.2 Care of Interior

Leatherette Upholstery and Trim