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3. Fluid and Lubricant Specifications

The fluids and lubricants listed in the tables which follow are those specified by Volkswagen for use in the cars covered by this manual.


The use of fluids which do not meet Volkswagen's specifications may impair performance and reliability, and may void warranty coverage.

Table c, Table d,and Table e give engine oil viscosity (SAE grade) vs. operating temperature range for the different Volkswagen engine types covered in this manual. Table f lists fluid and lubricant specifications.


Avoid high-speed long distance driving when using SAE 5W-20 or SAE 10W oil, especially if the outside temperature rises above the indicated limits. If maximum loads on the engine or continuous speeds above 60 mph (100 km/h) are expected, use an oil with the next higher viscosity rating.

Table c. Oil Viscosity Requirement vs. Temperature

(Gasoline engines except 16-valve)

Table d. Oil Viscosity Requirement vs. Temperature

(16-valve gasoline engines)

Table e. Oil Viscosity Requirement vs. Temperature

(Diesel engines)

Table f. Fluids and Lubricants

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