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The service life of your car depends on the kind of maintenance it receives. The procedures described in this section of the manual include all periodic checks and maintenance steps necessary for long and reliable operation of your car, as well as instructions for basic car care.

The Owner's Manual, the Maintenance Record, and the Warranty Booklet originally supplied with the car contain the maintenance schedules that apply to your Volkswagen. Following these schedules will ensure safe and dependable operation. In addition, many of the maintenance items are necessary to maintain warranty protection. Volkswagen is constantly updating their recommended maintenance procedures and requirements. The information contained here may include updates or revisions made by Volkswagen since publication of the Owner's Manual, the Maintenance Record, and the Warranty Booklet supplied with the car. If there is any doubt about what procedures apply to a specific model or model year, or what intervals should be followed, remember that an authorized Volkswagen dealer always has the latest maintenance information.

Some maintenance procedures, such as oil change service, require no special tools and can be carried out by almost all Volkswagen owners, regardless of mechanical experience. Certain other diagnostic and maintenance tasks require special tools and equipment. Cylinder compression tests, idle speed and idle mixture adjustments, wheel alignment, and ignition timing are some examples. If you lack the skills, the tools, or a suitable workplace for performing any of the maintenance described in this section, we suggest you leave this work to an authorized Volkswagen dealer or other qualified shop. We especially urge you to consult an authorized Volkswagen dealer before beginning any repairs on a car that may be covered wholly or in part by any of the extensive warranties issued by Volkswagen United States, Inc.

Although the Volkswagens covered by this manual generally require less maintenance than those of five or ten years ago, all of the maintenance work described here is important and should be performed promptly and correctly. Your Volkswagen should not be thought of as a maintenance-free machine. Correct care will protect your investment and help you to get many years of reliability and enjoyable driving from your Volkswagen.

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