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Tire Inflation Pressure

Correct tire inflation pressures are important to handling and stability, fuel economy, and tire wear. Tire pressures change with temperature. Pressures should be checked often during seasonal temperature changes. The correct inflation pressures for cars covered by this manual are given in Table k, and can also be found on a sticker in the glove box or on the rear edge of the right door. Notice that the pressures should be higher when the car is more heavily loaded.

Table k. Recommended Wheel and Tire Specifications


Do not inflate any tire to a higher pressure than the tire's maximum inflation pressure listed on the sidewall.

All inflation pressures given are for cold inflation, that is, when the car has not been driven for at least three hours, or for more than one mile after sitting for at least three hours. Inflate radial snow tires (M S) to 3 psi above normal pressure, and inflate all-season radials to normal pressures.

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