Manual Transmission and Clutch


1. General Description

1.1 Clutch

1.2 Transaxle

Five-Speed Manual Transmission

Final Drive

1.3 Identification Codes and Specifications

2. Maintenance

3. Troubleshooting

3.1 Basic Troubleshooting Principles

3.2 Diagnostic Tests

4. Shift Mechanism

4.1 Disassembling, Assembling, and Adjusting Shift Mechanism

Shift Mechanism Adjustment

Removing and Installing Shift Lever and Shift Rod

5. Clutch

5.1 Clutch Cable

5.2 Removing and Installing Clutch

6. Transaxle

6.1 External Adjustments

6.2 Transaxle Oil Seals

6.3 Removing and Installing Transaxle

7. Transmission

7.1 Transmission Disassembly and Assembly

Removing and Installing 5th Gear

Removing and Installing Main Shaft and Pinion Shaft

7.2 Transmission Gear Train Disassembly and Assembly

Synchronizers and Synchronizer Rings

Bearings and Races

Adjusting Pinion Shaft Bearings

8. Final Drive

8.1 Final Drive Removal and Installation

8.2 Final Drive Disassembly and Assembly

Ring Gear

Differential Pinion Gears and Side Gears

Bearings and Races

Adjusting Final Drive Bearings

9. Technical Data

I. Tightening Torques

II. Gear Ratios

III. Clutch Tolerances Wear Limits and Settings

IV. Synchronizer Ring Wear Specifications

V. Pinion Shaft Bearing Turning Torque

VI. Final Drive Bearing Turning Torque

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