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1.3 Identification Codes and Specifications

Transaxles are identified by letters and numbers stamped on the case. The letters, given first, identify the transaxle code and the numbers reveal the date of manufacture. They are located on the bottom of the bellhousing as shown in Fig. 1-2. A manual transmission type number is located on the driver's side of the transmission case near the drive flange as shown in Fig. 1-3. All of the manual transmissions used in cars covered by this manual are type 020. Table a lists manual transmission specifications.

Fig. 1-2. Transaxle code letters and date of manufacture on five-speed manual transmissions. Example from older model shows code letters GC and date 11 (day), 04 (month, April), 8 (year 1978).

Fig. 1-3. Transaxle type number (020) on five-speed manual transmission.

Table a. Manual Transaxle Data

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