Automatic Transmission


1. General Description

1.1 Automatic Transmission 010

Torque Converter

ATF Pump

Planetary Gear System

Hydraulic Controls

Final Drive

1.2 Identification Codes and Specifications

2. Maintenance

3. Troubleshooting

3.1 Basic Troubleshooting Principles

3.2 Diagnostic Tests

Stall Speed Test

Pressure Test

4. Controls

4.1 Removing and Installing Control Cables

Selector Lever Cable

Accelerator Cable and Throttle Cable

4.2 External Transmission Adjustments

Adjusting Selector Lever Cable

Adjusting Accelerator and Throttle Cables

Adjusting Shift Lock Solenoid

Adjusting 2nd Gear Brake Band

5. Transaxle Assembly

5.1 Removing and Installing Transaxle

5.2 Oil Seals

Torque Converter Oil Seal

Drive Flange Oil Seals

6. Technical Data

I. Automatic Transmission Test Data

II. Tightening Torques

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