Fuel System - Diesel


1. General Description

Fuel Storage and Supply

Fuel Injection


Air Cleaner

Emission Controls

Applications and Identification Codes

2. Maintenance

3. Troubleshooting

3.1 Basic Troubleshooting Principles

3.2 Diagnostic Testing

Checking Fuel Supply to Injectors

Idle Speed Drop Test

4. Fuel Supply

4.1 Fuel Tank Vents

4.2 Fuel Gauge Sender

5. Fuel Injection

5.1 Idle Speed and Maximum RPM Adjustments

Checking and Adjusting Idle Speed (1985 models without idle speed boost)

Checking and Adjusting Idle Speed (1986 and later models with idle speed boost)

Checking and Adjusting Maximum RPM (All diesel and turbo diesel models)

5.2 Accelerator Cable

Replacing Accelerator Cable

Checking and Adjusting Accelerator Cable

5.3 Cold Start System

Removing, Installing, and Adjusting Cold Start Cable

5.4 Camshaft/Injection Pump Drive Belt

5.5 Injection Pump

Altitude and Load Compensation

Removing and Installing Injection Pump

Checking and Adjusting Injection Pump Timing

Inspecting and Replacing Stop Solenoid

Stop Solenoid Quick-Check

Injection Pump Valves

5.6 Injectors

Removing and Installing Injectors

Pressure Testing Injectors

Inspecting and Repairing Injectors

5.7 Turbo Diesel Boost Enrichment

6. Technical Data

I. Tightening Torques

II. Diesel Fuel System General Technical Data

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