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4.6 Accelerator Cable

Cars with automatic transmission have two cables which connect the accelerator pedal to both the throttle valve and the transmission kickdown mechanism. Because the adjustment of the accelerator and throttle cables may affect the operation of the automatic transmission, adjustment and repair of these cables is covered in AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION.

Cars with manual transmission have one accelerator cable linking the accelerator pedal to the throttle body. This cable can be adjusted or replaced using ordinary hand tools.


Adjustment of the accelerator cable is not used to correct idle speed. For more information on adjusting idle speed, see 5. Continuous Injection System (CIS), 6. CIS-Electronic (CIS-E) and CIS-E Motronic, 7. Digifant II Fuel Injection, or 8. Digifant I Fuel Injection.

To adjust (cars with manual transmission):
1. Have a helper push the accelerator pedal down to its full-throttle position.


With the pedal fully depressed, the throttle valve should barely reach the full-throttle stop on the housing, leaving a maximum clearance of 1 mm (.04 in.). If fully depressing the pedal allows the throttle valve to contact the stop, the cable will be overstressed and may fail.

2. If the cable requires adjustment, remove the retaining clip from the bracket atop the cylinder head cover. See Fig. 4-26.

Fig. 4-26. Retaining clip and grommet (arrow) used to adjust accelerator cable tension.

3. Adjust cable tension by repositioning the grommet and reinstalling the retaining clip in a different groove. Use a groove closer to the throttle valve to tighten the cable. Use a groove farther from the throttle valve to loosen it.

To remove and install the cable, remove the retaining clip to slacken the cable and disconnect the cable end from the lever on the throttle valve. Working from inside the car, disconnect the cable end from its ball socket in the accelerator pedal assembly. Then pull the cable through the firewall from the engine compartment. Installation is the reverse of removal. Adjust the new cable as described above. Finally, depress the accelerator pedal several times to check for binding before driving.

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