vw id.3

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    Руководство Fuses Volkswagen ID.3

    VW ID.3 - Fuses Component Fuse holder A -SA- Fuse holder B -SB- Fuse holder C -SC- Fuse holder C -SC- Fuse carrier 1 -ST1- 1.1 Fuse holder A -SA- , Volkswagen ID.3 from November 2019 1.1.1 Fitting location of fuse holder A -SA- , from November 2019 1 - Fuse holder A -SA...
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    Руководство Relays Volkswagen ID.3

    VW ID.3 - Relays Component: Heated rear window relay -J9- Air conditioning system relay -J32- Main relay -J271- Terminal 15 voltage supply relay -J329- Horn relay -J413- Relay for power sockets -J807- 1.1 Relays on fuse holder B -SB- , Volkswagen ID.3 from November 2019 1.1.1 Relays on fuse...
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    Руководство Earth points Volkswagen ID.3

    VW ID.3 - Earth points Component Comment 12 Earth point, on left in engine compartment Torque 9 Nm 43 Earth point, lower part of right A-pillar Torque 9 Nm 50 Earth point on left in luggage compartment Torque 9 Nm 52 Earth point, on left in rear lid Torque 2 Nm 53 Earth point, on...
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