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3.2 CIS Troubleshooting

This information applies specifically to CIS fuel injection. For troubleshooting other systems, see 3.3 CIS-E and CIS-E Motronic Troubleshooting or 3.5 Digifant II and Digifant I Troubleshooting.

The basic adjustments of engine idle speed, ignition timing, and idle mixture (% CO) are critical to all other phases of CIS fuel injection performance. Before making any other adjustments to the system, make certain that these parameters are within specifications. See 5.4 Idle Speed, 5.6 Idle Specifications, and IGNITION.

Table a lists symptoms of CIS fuel system problems, their probable causes, and suggested corrective actions. The bold-face numbers in the corrective action column indicate the heading in this section of the manual where the applicable test and repair procedures are found.

Table a. CIS Troubleshooting

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