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Throttle Valve Potentiometer

The throttle valve potentiometer provides the Digifant control unit with information about throttle position. The control unit uses the signal for idle stabilization, deceleration fuel shut-off, acceleration enrichment, and as a substitute engine load signal if the air flow sensor fails. The potentiometer is located at the bottom of the throttle housing. See Fig. 8-2.

Fig. 8-2. Digifant I throttle valve potentiometer (arrow).

To test the potentiometer first disconnect the harness connector. Using a digital multimeter, check that the resistance between potentiometer terminals 1 and 2 varies continuously and smoothly as the throttle is opened. If the throttle valve potentiometer is replaced, reset the control unit as described in 8.2 Resetting Digifant I Control Unit.


Always change multimeter operating ranges and connect and disconnect multimeter test leads only with the ignition off.


Terminal 1 corresponds to the blue wire leading to the wiring harness connector. Terminal 2 corresponds to the yellow/red wire leading to the harness connector.

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