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Idle and Full-Throttle Switches

The idle and full-throttle switches are mounted on the throttle valve as shown in Fig. 7-12. Through them, the control unit receives a signal whenever the throttle valve is fully closed (idle) or fully open (full-throttle). With the ignition on, there should be at least 5 VDC across the terminals of the switch harness connector. Test and adjust both switches by checking for continuity at the connector terminals.

Fig. 7-12. Digifant II throttle valve showing idle switch and full-throttle switch.

To test and adjust the idle switch, open the throttle part way by hand. Slowly let the throttle return to its idle stop. There should be continuity at the connector terminals when the throttle lever is 0.20 to 0.60 mm (.008 to .024 in.) from the idle stop.

To test and adjust the full-throttle switch, open the throttle slowly. There should be continuity when the throttle is within 10°±2° of the full-throttle position.

If the operating characteristics of the switches do not meet these specifications, adjust switch position by loosening the mounting screws and repositioning the switch. Tighten the mounting screws and recheck the adjustment.

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