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4.8 Fuel Injectors (Digifant II)

The injectors used by the Digifant II engine management system are electrically operated solenoid valves which are switched on and off (open and closed) by the Digifant II control unit. Fig. 4-33 shows a cut-away view of one injector. The four injectors are connected to a common fuel supply, called the fuel rail, shown in Fig. 4-34.

Fig. 4-33. Cut-away view of fuel injector used on models with Digifant II.

Fig. 4-34. Digifant II fuel rail is common fuel supply and wiring to all four injectors.

As the control unit triggers each injector, the solenoid opens the needle valve and fuel is sprayed into the intake port. All four injectors open at the same time and are synchronized to engine rpm. The control unit regulates fuel delivery to the engine by controlling how long the injectors are open each time. The injectors are not repairable, and faulty ones must be replaced.

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