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1.3 CIS-E Motronic Engine Management System

The CIS-E Motronic engine management system for the 2.0 liter 16-valve (engine code 9A) engine combines CIS-E fuel injection with other engine management functions into one system. A single control unit is responsible for fuel injection, idle speed control, ignition, and emission control functions.

The fuel injection and idle speed control functions of the CIS-E Motronic system are similar to those of the basic CIS-E fuel injection system described above. For more detailed information on these functions of the CIS-E Motronic system, see 6. CIS-Electronic (CIS-E) and CIS-E Motronic. The ignition functions of the system, including the knock sensor, are covered in IGNITION.

The most significant difference in the CIS-E Motronic system is adaptive circuitry in the oxygen sensor system. The system, which fine-tunes fuel metering, can adjust its own operating range in response to changing conditions brought about by normal engine wear, minor vacuum leaks, change of altitude, etc. There is little or no need for periodic maintenance adjustments. The oxygen sensor system and other emission controls is covered in EXHAUST SYSTEM AND EMISSION CONTROLS.

Another feature of the CIS-E Motronic system is self-diagnosis of system faults. For more information on the fault diagnosis system, see 3. Troubleshooting.

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