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AD1 R-Line TDI
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Fuel Pump Basic Settings for PD, PPD, and CR TDI Engines

The CR (Common Rail) TDI engines should not be operated without fuel which may be an issue after repairs such as fuel injector and fuel filter replacement. The electric fuel pump, located in the fuel tank or externally mounted in-line, can be operated via basic settings to fill the system.

These instructions do NOT apply to the VE TDI Engines.

The PD and PPD TDI engines are not as sensitive to low fuel volume however those engine management systems typically include provisions for electric fuel pump priming.


Ignition On, Engine Off.

Battery voltage at least 11.5 V

Fuel tank has a sufficient level of fuel

Fuel Pump Basic Settings

[01 - Engine
[Basic Settings - 04]
Set Group to "035"
The electric fuel pump should run for 30 seconds

If the vehicle had a simple repair such as a fuel filter that should be a sufficient amount of time for the filter to fill up.
If the engine had extensive repairs such as injector replacement and/or fuel system flushing this process should be repeated no less than 3 times. Click [On/Off/Next] to reinitialize the process if needed.

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