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    Руководство How to Read Wiring Diagrams - Symbols, Layout and Navigation

    How to Read Wiring Diagrams Self-Study Program (для перевода используйте в браузере правую кнопку мыши -> "перевести на русский" ) Introduction Wiring Diagram Overview, Layout Navigation Elements of a wiring diagram, Symbols, DIN 72 552 Introduction to Conductors, Wires, Wire colors, Wire...
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    Руководство VW Tiguan 2 Electrical system - Repair Manual

    Electrical system VW Tiguan 2016 -> VW Tiguan RUS 2017 -> Repair Group 00 - Technical data 27 - Starter, current supply, CCS 90 - Gauges, instruments 92 - Windscreen wash/wipe system 94 - Lights, bulbs, switches - exterior 96 - Lights, bulbs, switches - interior 97 - Wiring 00 - Technical data...
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    FAQ Automotive Electrical Signals Glossary

    Глоссарий автомобильных электрических сигналов Amplitude: The voltage level of a signal above or below zero volts. The signal in the example at left has an amplitude of 2V. Analog Signal: An electrical signal whose amplitude can be measured at an infinite number of positions along the...
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